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Cycling Glasses for Adults TURBA Niko High Definition Category 3 Lens

Cycling Glasses for Adults TURBA Niko High Definition Category 3 Lens

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Here's to the villains. The baddies. The do-no-gooders. Conventional wisdom tells us that to succeed in life, we need to be 'nice' - and there's nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, we need to let loose and embrace our dark side. 

When designing the TURBA Niko, we didn't set out to build frames that were "friendly." The TURBA Niko throws conventional 'niceness' out the window - These glasses are meant to be mean.

And you can't be mean without being tough. It's why we've constructed the NIKO with the world's leading thermoplastic nylon, TR-90. Designed in Switzerland, TR-90 is the gold standard in performance eyewear - it's lightweight and can take an incredible beating, something you'll need when facing your enemies. 

We didn't want to sacrifice tough looks for quality, however. It's why we've embraced the same TURBACoat lens technology from our famous Olympus and Drago range, and re-envisioned them for their setting in Niko. Experience crisp, clear optics, unlike anything you've ever seen before.

With a stunning frame and crisp lenses, kick niceness to the curb and embrace your villain, with the TURBA Niko. 


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Key Features

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens

Complete UV Protection (UV400 Rated) + TURBACoat AntiGlare

Vented Frames to Prevent Fogging

Sweatproof Nose and Ear Grips.

30 Day Change of Mind Period

Complimentary TURBA Branded Carry Bag and Cleaning Cloth

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