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Giant Cycling optics cat2

Giant Cycling optics cat2

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Giant EASSUN glasses are made of a single large CAT 2 cylindrical solar glass, non-slip and an adaptable nose depending on the specific dimensions of each nose. Its design enhances Airflow® technology through its upper part, thus hindering the formation of mist on the lens. In addition, its characteristics are suitable for anyone who practices cycling.


CAT 2 sun glasses with adaptable nose and Airflow® technology for cycling 

This model has a single large solar crystal and a nose that conforms to the specific dimensions of your nose.

Also, this product makes it difficult for fogging to appear on your lens, since a ventilation system is used with this specific function.

In this sense, the set of particularities of this article makes it possible to use it for cycling.


CAT 2 sun glasses

Solar crystals, which make this type of product, are divided into different groups (0, 1, 2, 3, 4). This criterion is based on the visible light absorption capacity of each lens.

Regarding this model, it belongs to category 2, which allows absorbing between 57% and 81% of light.

This data means that crystals of this class are ideal for situations where the degree of light is intermediate.


Adaptive nasal for maximum comfort

This design has an adjustable bridge located in the area of ​​the nose in order to adapt exclusively to your measurements.

In addition, the fact of being able to fix them to your specific dimensions makes them non-slip, because they remain more attached to your face.

These features are very important when it comes to achieving supreme comfort when using this product during a specific physical activity.


Airflow® technology

Generally, it is very likely that, during a specific exercise, in this case cycling, mist will form on the lenses of the glasses you use.

Faced with this common problem, the Giant EASSUN enable a ventilation system at the top that obstructs lens fogging.

In this way, you should not interrupt your practice due to this annoying and overwhelming situation.


Glasses in different colors

The Giant EASSUN solar CAT 2 glasses can be found in three models, which are recognized by having the frame and the lens decorated by different combinations:

  • 38100: The frame is matte black, while the glass is mirror red.
  • 38101: This item is completely gray, even though the lens is a smoky shade.
  • 38103: The glass is mirror red and the frame is white with black touches in certain areas of its surface.
  • 38104: The blue REVO lens accompanies the matte black that decorates the matte black frame. 


Product characteristics

Here are some more technical aspects of this article:

  • The large solar glass is CAT 2 and is manufactured from polycarbonate.
  • On the other hand, the material used in the manufacture of the frame is Grilamid®.
  • The net weight of this model amounts to 33 grams.


Large cylindrical lens

This design stands out for the large dimensions of the glass and its shape, which is distinguished by being cylindrical. An advantage offered by this peculiarity is the relaxation of your vision in very sunny areas, since they completely block the sun's rays.


New generation glasses individualised to your measurements

The design used to create this product is in complete agreement with the latest stylistic trends in this sector. Likewise, the placement of mouldable rods, which fully conform to the particularities of each user, and their soft touch will provide you with a prolonged feeling of comfort, since the glasses will integrate perfectly with your face. On the other hand, the different attractive colors available make it possible to find the ideal model for you. What are you waiting for?


Product Details

Type of Glasses Sunglasses
Type of Lens/es Solar/s
Kind of Sport Cycling
Nose Bridge Adjustable YES
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology YES
Frame Material Grilamid TR-90
Weight 33 gr.
Lens Category CAT 2
Lens/es Material Polycarbonate
Age Adult
Gender Unisex
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