Multicycle is a rock-solid Dutch brand. After working for a wholesaler

and bicycle brand, technology passionate Nico Bieleveldt, founded

the Multicycle brand in 1977. At that time there was a strong demand

for recreational bicycles, but the user-friendliness often left much to

be desired. Multicycle responded to this with handmade bicycles that

offered comfort and quality.

The passion of the professionals behind Multicycle regularly led to innovation. A breakthrough was the

freewheel gear system in the crank, which made shifting much easier as opposed to a conventional

derailleur. Multicycle also often attracted attention with other innovations, such as with hydraulic brakes

and the first battery-operated lights.

Due to the high-quality and qualitative finishes, various dealers compare Multicycle to luxury and

exclusive car brands. The fact that the dealer has virtually no work left on the Multicycles that he

receives is a major contributor to this.

The qualitative and high-quality finish of Multicycle is reflected in all kinds of details, such as

high-quality parts, beautifully finished joints and lightweight frame.

This passion for cycling and an eye for detail is also reflected in the current Multicycle e-bike collection.

The e-bike collection consists of a diversity of models that are suitable for every type of cyclist.

All e-bikes are equipped with a Shimano mid-engine. The frames, the drive and assembly of the e-bikes

are also very advanced. All e-bikes are finished with the very best parts and have beautifully finished

joints. The e-bikes are perfect for the active cycling enthusiast as well as for the younger audience.

Young or old, the consumers Multicycle focuses on have one thing in common, they value quality

and are willing to pay for it.

Products will come online in January 2022 !