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Highly absorbable iron supplement with vitamin B complex , chlorophyll and taurine
Similar formula to the FERROSIR but with the addition of CHLOROFYL (faster production of red blood cells).
Very well absorbable
Provides the body with extra iron and is beneficial for endurance
Stabilises the hematocrit value
Iron deficiency can cause fatigue

Box of 30 capsules

Box of 60 capsules

DOSAGE: (from 12 years)

• Prevention = 1 capsule per day.(fasting)

• Treatment = 2 capsules per day in 2 intakes (fasting)

Ingrediëntenlijst per capsule
(vegetarische capsule)

Name Quantity
Chrorella 250 mg
IJzer bisglycinaat (15,7%) 178,34mg (28mg Fe)
L-Taurine 150 mg
Ascorbinezuur 120 mg
Nicotinamide vit B3 20 mg
Mangaan bisglycinate (17,2%) 11,625mg (2mg Mn)
Thiamine HCl vit B1 5,34 mg (4,2mg vitB1)
Pyridoxine HCl vit B6 5,14mg (4,2mg Vit B6)
Riboflavine vit B2 4,2 mg
Koper bisglycinate (18,4%) 2,99 mg (0,55mg Cu)
Foliumzuur 400 mcg
Cyanocobalamine vit B12 3mcg Vit B12


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