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HYDRA MAX unidose (12 x 34,5gr.)

HYDRA MAX unidose (12 x 34,5gr.)

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Thirst-quencher that quickly replenishes water, sugars and electrolytes during training and competition
Ideal for DURING the effort
Easily digests due to the light “Hypotonic” properties
Meets the requirements of the ideal thirst-quencher. Quickly fills moisture shortages and provides sufficient energy, even at the end of training or competition.

- Has a good taste.
- Contains 60 to 80 grams of carbohydrates per litre. (preferably a combination of different sugars)
- Contains sufficient electrolytes.
- Has an osmolarity of 250 mOsmol/L.
- Contains no vitamins, citric acid, caffeine or other additives.

These individual packs are ideal to take with you on long training sessions.
Packaging: individual 34.5g portions packed per 12

Nutritionele analyse. (per 100g)

Energie in kcal 380
Energie in kJ 1615
Koolhydraten 95

Ingrediëntenlijst per 100g

Nederlandse benaming Hoeveelheid
Fructose 10g
Dextrose 20g
Maltodextrine 65g
Natriumchloride (NaCl) 2g
MonoKaliumFosfaat (KH2PO4) 0,8g
MagnesiumCitraat Mg3(C6H5O7)2 0,2g
Ananas aroma 0,8g
Citroenaroma 1,2g
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