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Full range of technical trail, run and leisure gear !

There has been significant growth in the running and trailrunning garment market, a market with the largest developments in the field of sport. Our range is a something that we characterise as «Range start», it is intended to be general in order to ease the adoption of the market as we see the market evolving.

BigK products is manufactured in our own factory in PRC and only there, to protect our technology. We can improve easily and without any compromise our products, we are always listening to users, distributors, our pro teams to advance all our products. The process for some of our competitor can prove to be impossible or very difficult with a lack of responsiveness that use sub-contractors to produce their gear.

BigK centralises its inventory in order to cut down on ecological impact and all of our shipments are done in recycled cardboard as we hold the circular economy high in our philosophy.

BigK also centralises marketing, and design overall Europe and make it available to all its distributors.

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