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OXI VITAL anti-oxidant

OXI VITAL anti-oxidant

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Antioxidants complex
Increases resistance and the functioning of the immune system
Ensures faster recovery after illness or exertion or in case of stress

Ascorbinezuur 100 mg
Zinkbisglycinaat (15%) 79,8 mg (15mg Zn)
Citrus Bioflavonoïdes (60%)
(Zie opmerking 1)
50 mg
L-Cysteïne HCl 50 mg
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteïne 50 mg
Co-Enzym Q10 50 mg
L-Glutation 25 mg
Alfa Liponzuur 25 mg
D-Alfatocoferyl acetaat(50%) 20 mg( = 10mg Vit E)
Druivenpitextract 15 mg
L-seleno-methionine (5000 mcg/g) 13,2 mg (66 mcg Se)
Hesperidine(95%) 6 mg
Dunaliella salina(10% betacaroteen) 4,8 mg (0,48mg betacaroteen)
Rutine 4 mg
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