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Sports Moisturiser

Sports Moisturiser

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Sports Moisturiser

You wouldn’t leave for a ride without first protecting your head (we hope). Probably your padded shorts to give your rear a gentle cushioning, too. But aren’t you neglecting something? What about your body’s largest organ - your skin?

Whatever the world throws at you, your skin has to take it all. Time to offer it gentle protection and support with Veloskin’s re-hydrating moisturiser. Daily use recharges tired skin and helps provide a natural layer of protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

A blend of natural ingredients gets to work to immediately tackle dry and tight skin, leaving your face supple, smooth and looking healthy. Our unique non-greasy formula goes on easily, and leaves no sticky residue or film on the skin. And like all products from the VeloSkin range, the fresh and uplifting scent smells good enough to wear daily.

Even better, like all VeloSkin products, we’ve done our testing on cyclists, not animals. Well, when was the last time you saw a rabbit riding a bike?

No parabens. Just the goodness packed with active oils and butters. Including:

Coconut oil – Prevents ageing of the skin due to its ability to protect from UV Rays and environmental pollution.

Sweet almond oil – An essential oil packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins to feed your skin.

Cocoa butter – Bursting with healthy, fatty acids to add a protective layer of hydration.

Raspberry seed oil – Loaded with Vitamin E and providing a natural sun defence to protect and repair.

Shea butter – Luxurious and bursting with Vitamin A to nourish and hydrate tight skin

Zinc Oxide – A soothing and calming mineral which provides an effective natural protection from UV light.

Orange blossom oil – Deeply hydrating and an amazingly fresh scent. 

Bergamot oil – An essential oil providing a natural citrus scent, as well stimulating the skin.


Size - 150ml(e)

Shelf Life - 3 Years

Opened Life - 12 Months

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