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ENERGY GEL (10 x 50gr.)

ENERGY GEL (10 x 50gr.)

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Energy gel that is very smooth and non viscous to ingest
Energy gel with special sugar composition, can provide up to 50% more energy than gels containing only glucose or maltodextrin.
Improves stamina
Can improve performance by 8%
Contains, unlike most other gels, many electrolytes to replenish the loss of sodium via sweat
Easy to open packaging by slitting

PACKAGING: 50g gels, 10 gels per box.

DOSAGE: During exercise, 1 to 3 gels per hour. Maximum 10 gels per day.

FLAVORS: Green Lemon and Blackcurrant (cassis) 

Nutritional analyse. (per zakje, 50g)

Energie in kcal 96
Energie in kJ 402
Koolhydraten 24
NaCl 0,281

Ingrediëntenlijst per 100g

Nederlandse benaming Hoeveelheid
Gedestileerd water 24,39 g
Maltodextrine (Maldex 150) 10 g
Fructose 8 g
Glucose 6 g
Aroma, Green Lemon / Blackcurrant 0,75 g
Natriumchloride 0,562 g
Xanthaangom 0,240 g
Citroenzuur 0,183 g
Kaliumsorbaat 0,05 g
Natriumbenzoaat 0,05 g
Monokaliumfosfaat 0,046 g
Magnesiumcitraat 0,01 g
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