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RECUPRO recovery

RECUPRO recovery

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A recovery drink specially developed for the athlete who wants “a little more”.
Super fast replenishment of glycogen stores and muscle building after training and competition
Optimal combination of high quality Whey protein Hydrolysate and carbohydrates
Contains many BCAAs
10 grams extra LEUCINE
Can be used in water, fruit juices and all types of milk
Lemon flavour


Nutritionele analyse. (Per 100g)

Energie in kcal 386
Energie in kJ 1623
Koolhydraten 75
Eiwitten 21
Vetten 1

Ingrediëntenlijst (alle)(Per 100 G.)

Nederalndse benaming Hoeveelheid
Maltodextrine 44,7 g
Wei proteïne isolaat (hydrolysaat) 14 g
Glucose 10 g
Fructose 10 g
Sacharose 10 g
Leucine 10 g
Orange/Lemon aroma 0,80 g
Natrium chloride 0,25 g
Mono kaliumfosfaat 0,2 g
Magnesiumcitraat 0,05 g

VERPAKKING: Potten van 1,5kg

– 1 portie na intensieve training of wedstrijd (2 schepjes) in 500ml water.
– Na rustige training 1/2 portie (1 schepje) in 250ml water.

SMAKEN: Orange en Lemon

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