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Soothing Recovery Gel

Soothing Recovery Gel

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Soothing Gel

With climbs accompanied by searing sun burning down on your back, and descents met by horizontal, stinging rain, your skin takes the punishment. Sometimes, try as you might, friction occurs in the places you want it least and your tired legs just need that little bit extra.

The unique formula contained in VeloSkin’s soothing gel is great for self massaging your legs after a long ride or to soothe and cool soreness and skin damage caused by saddle friction. Natural oils used within the product formulation combine to offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to speed up the healing process and provide blessed relief in the interim.

Specially formulated and tested after long century rides and fast action races - VeloSkin’s soothing gel contains no stinging alcohol, but a blend of oils, vitamins, minerals and oils that work together to get you back in the saddle quicker than ever.

Used daily in combination with our chamois cream, VeloSkin’s skin recovery gel - fortified with vitamins C and E - gives your skin the TLC it sometimes requires.

We pack each tin of soothing gel with goodness, including:

Menthol - increases blood flow to the skin to speed up healing

Aloe Vera - Used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory

Coconut oil - The fatty acids from coconut oil work to condition the skin

How to use it

To use it, simply get a good amount on your fingers and liberally apply to tired and aching muscles for instant relief and improved recovery times. When you use the gel, be careful to avoid any extremely sensitive areas and take particular care to avoid broken skin – that’ll sting a bit. 

The impressive properties of our soothing gel have seen it used as aftersun, to ease chilblains and even as a massage gel, which helps to maximise the relief it gives. Users tell us they’ve applied to good effect on arms, necks, shoulders and backs, as well as their legs – so don’t be shy about trying it out on the full body.

Jojoba oil - Boosts collagen to help hold the skin together

Raspberry seed oil - Delivers antioxidants to protect and repair

Argan oil - Quickly absorbed, this oil is bursting with Vitamin E to act as a great moisturiser

Cucumber oil - An essential oil included for its ability to cool and soothe

Wheat protein - Gently works to increase skin strength

Kelimillet - An essential amino acid offering protection against irritation

Shea butter - Nourishing, luxurious, healing. Perfect for tired skin.

Please note this product contains menthol and female riders should be careful with application of this product.

Size - 150ml(e)

Shelf Life - 3 Years

Opened Life - 12 Months

INCI - See separate document

Safety Document - See separate document

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